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Demand for high performance embedded computing and increases in complexity of embedded software require leveraging diverse architecture, microarchitecture and compiler research. There are new challenges for embedded systems, such as time-to-market, cost, code size, weight, power, and real-time behavior.

The CASES conference provides a forum for emerging technology in embedded computing systems, with an emphasis on compilers and architectures for embedded systems. As evident from the past CASES meetings, several emerging applications are critically dependent on these interactions for their sustained growth and evolution.

General Co-chairs
Jaime Moreno
   IBM Research

Program Co-Chairs
Tom Conte
   North Carolina State University
Publications Chair
Wei Zhao
   Texas Instruments

Publicity Chair
Frank Vahid
   University of California Riverside

Finance Chair
Trevor Mudge
   University of Michigan

Workshops Chair
Jason Fritts
   Washington University in St. Louis

Paper Submissions Chair
Dan Connors
   University of Colorado

Student Grants Chair
Scott Mahlke
   University of Michigan

Steering Committee
Guang R. Gao
   University of Delaware
Vinod Kathail
Jaime Moreno
   IBM Research
Krishna V. Palem

Previous CASES
    CASES 2002
    CASES 2001
    CASES 2000



Previously unpublished papers containing significant novel ideas and technical results are solicited. Conference topics include, but are not limited to, the following areas.

  • Application-specific and domain-specific embedded system
  • Customizable Processors and Digital Signal Processors
  • Design, specification, and analysis of embedded systems
  • Embedded uses of instruction-level parallelism, including VLIW, EPIC and superscalar
  • Embedded system integration and testing
  • Memory management, smart caches and compiler controlled memories
  • Low-power architectures, power vs. performance tradeoffs
  • Profiling, measurement, and analysis techniques of embedded applications
  • Software design for multiprocessor embedded systems
  • Validation, verification, and debugging techniques for embedded software

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THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS Friday June 20th, 2003. There is an automatic one-week extension for late papers. There will be no other extensions.

Papers should be submitted electronically through the conference web site, in PDF format. Authors may choose whether they would like to expose their identity to the reviewers, in which case authors' affiliations should also be included on the first page.


Program Committee
Dan Connors,
University of Colorado
Marco Cornero,
Sandhya Dwarkadas,
University of Rochester
Wen-mei Hwu,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sergei Larin,
Luciano Lavagno,
Politecnico di Torino / Cadence Labs
Scott Mahlke,
University of Michigan
Bill Mangione-Smith,
University of California at Los Angeles
Walid Najjar,
University of California at Riverside
Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli,
University of California at Berkeley
Reid Tatge,
Texas Instruments
Wayne Wolf,
Princeton University
Sudha Yalamanchili,
Georgia Institute of Technology
Cliff Young,
Lucent - Bell Labs