Breast lifts are a very common procedure for women. This cosmetic surgery lifts sagging breasts and reshapes them. Breast lift surgery can also include breast implants, depending on the woman's needs and desires.

Breast lifts are done under either local anesthesia (you are awake during surgery) or general anesthesia (you are asleep throughout the whole procedure). A normal breast lift, without complications, takes about three hours, depending on the amount of breast lifting needed and the length of the incision.

The first incision surrounds the areola and extends above to create the nipple's new location. The second incision runs vertically from the nipple to the bottom of the breast. The third incision goes from under the breasts to right above the breast's folds. Once all incisions are made, excess skin is removed, and the breast is lifted up and sewn into place. If implants are used they will be put in at this time.

Breast lift cosmetic surgery is usually done on women who want to regain the youthful look their breasts had before age and gravity kicked in. Significant weight loss can also the breasts to stretch and sag. Breast lifts work well on either large- or smaller-busted women. Surgery should be postponed if the patient intends to get pregnant, although, the lift won't be as effective after pregnancy.

After breast lift surgery, some soreness and pain are to be expected, but your physician will provide you with medications to lessen these effects. Your activity will be strictly limited by your physician, and you will be told to get plenty of rest and relaxation. Your physician will also give you a list of instructions that must be followed after the breast lifts.

The main advantage of breast lift surgery is the improvement in your breasts' appearance. After surgery, they will be elevated and perky. Implants can also be added to make the breasts fuller. In addition, you can expect improved self-esteem and feelings of youthfulness. Sagging breasts will no longer be a problem or concern for you. If your areole have become stretched or misshapen they can be repaired and reduced to normal size.

Risks of this surgery include noticeable and permanent scarring, misaligned nipples or mismatched breasts, sore or numb nipples, and in very rare cases the risk that tissue surrounding the nipples and areole dies.

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