A tummy tuck is considered to be major cosmetic surgery. This procedure tightens a patient's abdominal muscles and gets rid of excess skin and fat. This is a very popular plastic-surgery procedure and is performed on men and women.

In this operation, the surgeon makes a long incision across the patient's abdomen, usually from one hip bone to the other. The patient is usually under general anesthesia. The first incision has a wide V-shaped appearance. A second incision is usually made around the navel area. The surgeon then separates the skin from the abdominal wall, all the way up the rib cage. The stomach muscles are then tightened and put in a new position, thus decreasing the size of the waistline. Once the muscles have been tightened and the skin stretched, the surgeon will remove excess skin. As the operation progresses, the patient's belly button is repositioned.

As a tummy tuck is considered major surgery, the cons for this type of plastic surgery usually revolve around healing. The surgery itself usually lasts from two to five hours. A patient may need to stay overnight in the hospital. This depends on many factors, including how extensive the operation is. Typically, only after one to three weeks can a patient return to work and carry on with their regular schedule. As there is usually some discomfort after the operation, the surgeon will most likely prescribe some type of pain medication. The patient can begin exercising as soon as the healing has progressed and the patient is pain free. Scars will be present, of course, and may seem more noticeable during the first three to five months. Nine months to a year may pass before the scars flatten and become lighter in color. The scars will never completely fade; however, they can easily covered by clothing.

The pros to this type of plastic surgery can be seen in the dramatic post-op results. For those who had very large stomachs before surgery, the fact that they now have a waistline, makes the healing time and scars well worth the pain. If a person has realistic expectations and has endlessly tried diet and exercise, but to no avail, they will most likely be pleased with the results. If a person is very displeased at the prospect of scars on their body, this surgery is most likely not for them. However, for those who find diet and exercise just does not work, this procedure can greatly change the shape of their body.

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